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Whether for sporadic or recurring translation mandates, in the medical, educational, legal, financial, marketing or other fields, we are here to support you in all your translation needs. 

Service Details

Experienced Team

At Universus, the members of the translation team are hand-picked for their rigor, their efficiency, their dynamism, their creativity, their passion for words, their collaborative spirit and obviously, for their mastery of the desired area of expertise. . Their skills and abilities will enhance your operations.

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Universus has a total of more than twelve decades of experience in fields as varied as education, marketing, IT and health. Our translators have strong linguistic skills and know how to produce documents that are precise, relevant and meet your highest requirements.

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Service Details

Revised Documents

Each document produced by our translators passes under the eyes of an experienced reviser who ensures an impeccable finished product. Nothing less.

In complete confidentiality

Each of our employees is subject to strict confidentiality rules and we use secure digital platforms. 

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