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Texts in your image.

At Universus, each editorial mandate is first subject to a complete assessment of the client's needs, requirements and style. We adapt our writing to the personality of your organization, highlight the colors and values of your company and do everything we can to offer you quality texts and documents that reflect your corporate image.

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Our service

Varied Domains

We offer editorial services in all areas, from education to the medical sphere, including the world of technology and marketing

Large selection of content

Content creation, blog articles, policy and procedure guides, instruction manuals, various reports, medical popularization and much more.

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Redaction Services

Our experience


We can write your content according to SEO standards to ensure better visibility in terms of online SEO. SEO optimized = better ranking in search engines!

Respect of deadlines

We know that your time is valuable and that you sometimes face tight deadlines and urgent requests. We know how to adapt to busy customers.

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